Saturday, December 20, 2008

Confessions Of A Closet Confessor

This page is pretty much self-explanatory. It’s for anyone and everyone to share anything, from their deepest, darkest thoughts to confessions, admissions, etc. Basically share something that you’re dying to tell someone but can’t……something that you won’t tell even your BFF.

For instance…….’I found out that my prominent politician husband was having an affair with a certain foreign translator and watched while she was being blown to pieces’, to ‘Yes, yes, I was paid an obscene amount of money to make a false sodomy report’.

You know, stuff like that. Rest assured that I will not try to track your IP address, your grandma’s address, your great-great grandkids’ addresses nor will I hunt down and wipe out your dog’s offsprings.

But if I am caught distributing or disseminating information which I’m not supposed to, I swear on the Holy Quran that ‘I AM INNOCENT!!!’.

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Very First Post!!!

To start off the maiden entry of this blog, I will give you my two cents' worth about the fantastic West End musical, Mamma Mia which opened in Istana Budaya 2 days ago. I caught the performance during SP Setia’s Corporate Night on Thursday.

Though the acting of most of the cast can be improved, it was overall a fantabulously awesome musical and definitely well worth watching.....over and over and over and over again. Unfortunately, since money doesn't grow on trees, most of us can only afford to watch it once, and how much you see of the stage also depends on what seats you buy.

I'm not a hardcore fan of ABBA (if I am, I'd be admitting that I'm older than I'd like people to think I am!) but I am definitely a bona fide fan of Mamma Mia - both the musical and the movie. I’ve seen the movie at least 10 times already, but my Mom has beaten my record because she has seen it 12 times…..and counting!

To compare Mamma Mia to the other musical that I have seen, Saturday Night Fever in 2004 I would say that Mamma Mia takes the prize overall in terms of keeping the audience captivated by their glittery, colorful costumes and different scenes throughout the entire performance. The stage props were very, very simple; only 2 movable erm, huge contraptions but the lighting and glitzy, sequined costumes brought the stage to live. But the dances moves and choreography of Mamma Mia is nothing like that of SNF.

The storyline of SNF is a little dull, but the dances and dancers were way better than of Mamma Mia's. The performers in SNF had some serious and impressive twirly and complicated moves that, sad to say, put Mamma Mia’s dance scenes to shame! Awwww……Then again, what else can we expect from the movie that catapulted John Travolta to fame and made the simple index-finger pointing move famous?

Anyway, back to Mamma Mia. The person who played Sophie in the musical is my favorite. She was very natural and enthusiastically bouncy in playing her role and really threw herself into it. Tanya and Rosie were also good, but unfortunately, Donna was a little stiff and uh, dry. Hmmm… opinion could be due to the fact that I have high regards for Meryl Streep as she played Donna so well in the movie that I automatically expected a similar stellar performance from the Donna in the musical.

I managed to sneak in a few shots and a very short video during the performance while getting dirty looks from the security personnel before he finally came over and tapped me on the shoulder…...but is that going to stop me from contemplating that feat again? Hell NO! I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to catch the musical again in 2 weeks’ time, and I really can’t wait for that….to sneak in more shots and videos :-)


After procrastinating for the longest time, I've finally gotten around to setting up my blog. I have absolutely no idea what exactly it is I'll be blogging about, but I just thought that I'll be a bit kiasu and join the ever-growing community of bloggers since I have plenty of time on my hands since it's so quiet in the office lately you can actually hear an ant fart!

Anyway, since this blog is called Rantings and Ravings, somedays I will rave, and somedays I will rant.....though I have more to rant than rave about. Who doesn't? ;-)

Anyone can post a comment here, so if you have anything to rant or rave about, this is the blog for you.