Saturday, December 20, 2008

Confessions Of A Closet Confessor

This page is pretty much self-explanatory. It’s for anyone and everyone to share anything, from their deepest, darkest thoughts to confessions, admissions, etc. Basically share something that you’re dying to tell someone but can’t……something that you won’t tell even your BFF.

For instance…….’I found out that my prominent politician husband was having an affair with a certain foreign translator and watched while she was being blown to pieces’, to ‘Yes, yes, I was paid an obscene amount of money to make a false sodomy report’.

You know, stuff like that. Rest assured that I will not try to track your IP address, your grandma’s address, your great-great grandkids’ addresses nor will I hunt down and wipe out your dog’s offsprings.

But if I am caught distributing or disseminating information which I’m not supposed to, I swear on the Holy Quran that ‘I AM INNOCENT!!!’.


  1. oooii...this is good man. Now I can taruk all my hidden frustrations inside here. Ei, btw I think you can also invite any chicks frens u got...ask them join ler. Then can recommend to me..hahah!

  2. Ei, how come need approval some more one...chill la sis. Freedom of speech mar!

  3. Hello, this is not a dating site lah *grin*. Ok bro, vent away yea...