Friday, February 20, 2009

Malaysian Politics Through The Eyes of a Political Newbie

I do not follow the political scene in Malaysia and most of the time I'm totally clueless about what's happening out there as I rarely read the newspaper. Heck, I didn't even register as a voter till this year!

But due to the recent newspaper headlines of Bukit Lanjan assemblyman Elizabeth Wong's alleged nude pics, I feel that it is my obligation as a newly-registered-to-vote-not-so-patriotic Malaysian to give my two cents' worth on the matter....not to mention that I've been getting comments from my fellow bloggers that I need to update my blog! :-p

Is the Elizabeth Wong scandal just another one of the latest in a never-ending series of fiascos designed to cause a political furore in the country and to further pave the way for the Opposition Party to seize control of the Selangor state Government?

I have seen a few of the pics and there is nothing morally wrong with it. If she were a Hollywood celebrity those pics would've given her a boost in her ratings but because she is with PKR, the situation is being blown out of proportion in the hopes that the negative stigma will cause an impact on her political career.

Does being an MP in Malaysia mean not having the right to live their private life the way they choose to? They are humans too, and I can think of far many more politicians here who abuse their power and position to the best of their advantage. And they are the very ones condemning Elizabeth Wong for the unintentional scandalous photos.

Hypocrisy is rampant here as is the practice of double standards. How else could a freaking palace sprout in the middle of Klang, on a piece of land meant for low-cost houses? The very same person who allowed that to happen also called for Elizabeth Wong's resignation from all her posts, applauded when she did so and subsequently says his 'heart goes out to her and her family'. I must say that I'm impressed that the man is able to symphatize. I just never knew that a person without a heart or morals could symphatize in the first place!

But I truly applaud YB Elizabeth for having the decency to offer to resign from her position though her resignation wasn't necessary.

As a political freshie, I say this with the utmost sincerity to those who are standing by the sidelines and giving unnecesary and annoying comments. 'Wake up, smell and admit to your own shit before you start telling other people to do the right thing'. There's nothing worse than a pot calling the kettle black!

Tell me - Do scandalous photos trump cheating the hardcore poor Rakyat out of land their low-cost homes were meant to be built on? Are scandalous photos worse than partaking in corruption, bribery and money politics?

I think not!

Which is why I choose to go back to being blissfully ignorant about politics. The more you know, the more stressed out you will be and at the end of the day you KNOW there's absolutely NOTHING you can do about it. As long as those in power remain crooked and corrupted and the ACA is not an independent body, it will never change.

Three little words describe Malaysian politics - Dans la Merde!

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