Saturday, February 21, 2009

Boarding My Babies in Penang

I boarded my cats at a certain Veterinary Clinic in Bagan Jermal, Penang recently. And I will never make that mistake again.

My aunt was the one who recommended the clinic, because at RM10 per cat, it was a bargain! Oh, how wrong we were!!!

Anyway, I happily left my furry babies there and returned a week later to pick them up.

The charges were supposed to be RM10 per cat right? Somehow I ended up being charged RM12 for one of my cats because he was bigger in size. Fair enough, BUT when the vet was examining my cats before they were allowed to be boarded, I asked repeatedly whether the charges were RM10 nett per cat. The answer was YES.

Okayyyy no big deal on the additional RM2 per cat there but the vet has to examine the pets before boarding and get this - you have to pay for CONSULTATION charges. Hey, if you have to examine my pets before allowing them to be boarded, that's your problem. I do not expect to be charged for that as I never asked for them to be examined. My cats are only there for the sole purpose of boarding for goodness sake, not consultation. If my cats were sick, fair enough. But they were not. They only needed a vaccine booster shot as it was already due. Incidentally, the charges for the shot was 60% more than what I would've been charged had I sent them to my regular vet in KL.

That's not all. Apparently they were given vitamins during the course of their stay and again, I WASN'T TOLD ABOUT THIS PRIOR TO BOARDING. Besides, how do I know whether they were really given vitamins as I was not present to see them ingesting it with my own eyes? And did I ask for the vitamins? NOPE.

I refused to pay for the additional charges and after arguing with the vet about it he only grudgingly agreed to waive the charges for the vitamins. I was rudely informed that I had to pay for the rest, then to take my cats and leave. manners!!!! And he obviously didn't get the point of my argument which was to inform me about all the additional charges upfront.

So with all the additional miscellaneous charges (for the size of my cat, the questionable vitamins and so-called consultation) the bill came up to 20% more than what I expected to be charged. 20% is actually nothing to jump about but my point is, they should've had the COURTESY to inform me of the additional charges before I boarded them. I still would have boarded them there regardless, but at least I wouldn't have felt so cheated.

Any Penangite looking for a rude, unethical vet who overcharges? I strongly recommend this one particular vet in Bagan Jermal.

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